So here we are!

Art journaling is a fantastic way of escaping from the stresses of life. It takes you to a calming, relaxing place where it’s just you and the media you choose to experiment with. There is so much out there to try – why don’t you make it into a multi sensory experience and light a scented candle or burn some aromatherapy oils while you paint? Or listen to music that moves you. Make that space for yourself and journal. 
Whether you use paint or crayons, pencil or you draw on an ipad. It’s the process that makes the difference. So join me in my creative journey, get your blank piece of paper out, find the paints and just do something. Try starting a blog like I have here – it’s lots of fun.
I guarantee that you’ll lose yourself…..even if it’s just for a short while…..ENJOY! 
My workspace.

My workspace.


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